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As I began my meditation practice this morning, my mind was drawn to clients I work with who are struggling with issues of anxiety. You see I know this struggle well because for many years, I too suffered from anxious thoughts over things both large and small. While I believe there are numerous contributing factors to anxious thoughts and patterns of behavior–caffeine, TV news, hormonal imbalance or as they classify it in Ayurveda “too much vata,” I know from experience that what it most often boils down to is “stinking thinking” and that working on your thoughts can provide instant relief.

There are several methods for addressing your anxious thoughts such as Bryon Katie’s, The Work or Wayne Dyer’s version that he describes in his new book, “Excuses Be Gone” and I’ve used various forms of these methods on myself and my clients with “great success,” to quote Borat. But my new favorite method for dealing with anxiety and perfectionism, which I find seem to go hand in hand, is to ask, “In every moment am I choosing what energizes and excites me?” I can just hear those anxiety prone ones among you saying, “Oh if it were only that easy.” But stay with me and maybe you’ll see that it is.

As I mentioned earlier, this topic of dealing with anxiety was on my mind this morning as I sat for my morning meditation, which by the way is a great exercise for quieting anxiety. It is my practice to use quotes, inspirational passages and the like as a focus point each day. Today I pulled a card from a Law of Attraction card deck  “Ask and it is Given” created by Abraham-Hicks.

This is what it said, “My Slightest Improvement Is of Such Great Value: There is tremendous value when you are able to deliberately cause even the slightest improvement in the way you feel for even in that small emotional improvement, you may have regained a measure of control. You no longer feel powerless. And so, your trek back up the Emotional Scale is now not only possible, but it is relatively easy.”

So how does this relate to “In every moment choose what energizes and excites you”? Well, it’s like this…the more you choose to focus on things that energize and excite you, the more the things that energize and excite you will show up in your life rather than the things that make you feel anxious. Again, I realize that there are many factors that can contribute to the monkey minded state of those plagued with anxiety, but this is a method you can use any time, any where to bring yourself some relief. And I’ve found that the more you use it, the better you get at it and the better you get at focusing on things that bring you joy rather than things that make you feel anxious, the more joy producing things will begin to show up in your existence. But don’t take my word for it; try it.

Here’s how it works:

Situation: OMG! My house is a wreck! I’ll never get it in order. STOP and ask…

Q: Do I mop the floor first or wash the dishes?
A: Whichever feels more exciting in this moment.

Situation: How can it be bedtime already, I still have a million things on my “To Do” list. STOP and ask…

Q: Do I read a bedtime story to my child or get to that paperwork still on my desk? (Or maybe just tuck myself in as well as my child and let’s all get some rest!)
A: Whichever feels more energizing and exciting right now.

Situation: I’ve been working on this project all week and I don’t seem to be accomplishing anything. STOP and ask…

Q: Do I sit at my desk and work through lunch again or do I ask a co-worker whom I enjoy to join me for a bite?
A: Whichever feels the most exciting.

In the end, you’ll probably be more productive because you’ve allowed your mind to relax and quiet, which will help you to focus and work better when you really need to.

If you are struggling to choose, go inside and ask your body. It never lies, but that’s a whole other blog post. Stay tuned. (But only if it feels energizing and exciting. LOL!)

Above all be easy with this process and remember as the card says, “even a slight improvement is of great value.” You may not get to choosing only “energizing and exciting” at every turn in one day, one week, or even one month; but moving even a slight bit away from feelings of entrapment and powerlessness is a move in the right direction. Celebrate that!


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11 thoughts on “do what energizes and excites you

  1. I love that question! So simple! And how nice to make choices based upon what feels energizing and exciting rather than a bunch of “shoulds.” I’m writing that down and sticking it on the computer….thanks!

  2. exactly. what a number we do on ourselves. and if we just re-frame it, it’s ALL the difference. anxiety is such a drag, such a drain. thanks for the very straightforward way of speaking to it. oh, and as our friend jonathan fields is so good to remind me, “breathe. remember to breathe.” :))

  3. Instead of feeling anxious, I’ve been feeling bored… bored with my to-do list, bored with my work, bored with my life.

    The feeling might be different, but the cause is likely the same… I have not allowed myself to do those activities that I find “energizing and exciting”. There’s lots of reasons for that — lack of money, lack of time, lack of energy at the end of the day.

    The solution seems to be to do these things anyway, regardless of the perceived barriers. Many don’t require *that much* time or money, and doing them will actually help me to feel more energy, rather than less.

    I’m going to get up out of this chair and go do something…. thanks for the encouragement!

    1. Lesa, feeling bored is such great feedback from your life and yes, turning to things that feel even the slightest bit interesting, energizing or exciting is a great way to find your path to a better feeling place. And as an aside, I think anytime we feel feelings that we’d rather not be experiencing, it can also be so helpful to ask yourself, “What am I making it mean that I feel bored?” (insert you’re negative feeling du jour here).

  4. Oh, that picture is just adorable! I knew it was going to be a great post just from the moment I saw that photo!
    I’ve had both feelings of anxiety and boredom at times and this post is spot on because it has clear examples in it of situations and the exact process that goes through your mind. And this paragraph is so true: ‘If you are struggling to choose, go inside and ask your body. It never lies, but that’s a whole other blog post.’ So looking forward to the blog post that will detail that :)

  5. This is amazing. I’ve struggled with feelings of anxiety all this week and was thinking that I needed help. And here is your blog, a letter of encouragement straight to me.

    My issues revolve around work, a long to-do list and the fear of public speaking. Your blog helped me in two ways. Firstly, I was reminded that there are others that struggle with anxiety too sometimes. Secondly, Yvette, you gave some sound examples on how to deal with the monkey on your shoulder.

    I’m going to choose “energy” next time I’m feeling anxious. Thank you.

    1. Hey Maria, I’m so glad this blog resonated for you. I’d love to hear about how it works for you to choose what is energizing as you move through your list of To Do’s.

  6. Yvette, another great blog!

    What an amazing coincidence. I’ve been anxious all week over work , my long to-do list and a fear of public speaking. Your blog has reminded me that there’s no need to feel powerless over that, because I do have control. The idea of choosing energy really resonates with me, and will help me make decisions instead of getting anxious.

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