My Dog = My Guru

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My Guru
My praise for today:
I have praise for my dog.
He teaches me great things like
~Live in the Moment
~Do What Brings You Joy
~There’s No Need for Pretense,
So Always Be Yourself
~Take Every Opportunity to Play
~When All Else Fails, Take a Nap!

Now it’s your turn.
Leave a comment below.
What is praiseworthy in your life?

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7 thoughts on “My Dog = My Guru

    1. I totally can relate to feeling blessed by your child(ren) and while I don’t want to rush to the stage of grandchildren just yet, I am looking forward to that fun, too!

  1. I praise the man in my life today. He loves me the way I am, unconditionally. He is not everyone’s choice for me. What’s important is that he is my choice. He is loving, and compassionate. As i write this the vision of his face in my mind makes me smile.

  2. I will join you Yvette in praise for dogs. It took me awhile to convince the family to get one but the joy and love she has brought to us is truly a blessing. She loves me no matter my mood. She gets me outside every day for some exercise and the opportunity to take in the beauty of the day. I also learn from her; one lesson being when someone stressful or negative leaves me upset, I just shake it off (literaly) and move on.

    1. Ooo…Yes, Rena. That “just shake it off” lesson is a big one. And I’ve always loved the fact that dog is God spelled backwards! 😉

  3. There are a lot of people in my life who are praiseworthy including you, but today I am praising the beauty of nature — the sounds of the birds singing their morning songs, the bits of green shoots pushing through last season’s grass, the bright yellow crocuses that have just opened their yellow faces to the sun, and the glorious sunrises and sunsets which splash color into the sky on a daily basis.

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