The Sun Always Shines Above the Clouds

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Rain, rain, go away, come again…NEVER! Wait, that’s not how the rhyme goes, but that thought certainly has crossed my mind today as Tropical Storm Andrea passes by. I’m not a fan of inclement weather, so days like today are less than favorites.

“But hey, this is supposed to be a 30-day exercise in praise,” you might be saying, “so why all the gloom?” Glad you asked…because that is a perfect segue into my favorite analogy of how our constant focus on our life challenges is like flying in an airplane under the cloud deck vs. rising above the clouds where you realize the sun is always shining.

All of us have “rainy days” in our life when things go wrong–we feel slighted by a friend, our anxiety is through the roof over a project at work, a bill is due next week with no funds in site to pay it or __________________ (you fill in the blank).

It’s easy to get bogged down in the problem du jour and allow it to ruin our whole day, i.e. it’s raining (insert your problem and say it with a whine) and that sucks and I don’t have any money and no one loves me and my kids don’t respect me and, and…now your mind is off and running.

But instead of getting bogged down in the doldrums of your woes, remember that just like flying on a cloudy day when everything on the surface of the earth looks grey and gloomy without a hint of sun, you soon see that it is all an illusion. Once the plane takes off and rises above the cloud deck, there it is! The sun! It’s still shining and always will be just above the surface of your gloom.


The next time you’ve got the blues over this hurt or that fear, remember that all you have to do is rise above the cloud deck of your gloomy thoughts to reach that place of joy inside where the sun is always shining.

And PRAISE is the very vehicle to get you there. So try it. Lessen your worries and cares right now by taking a moment to notice and give praise for something praiseworthy in your life. And don’t be stingy. Share that praise with all of us by leaving a comment below.

My praise for today: I give praise for the soothing sound of the rain outside my window. While it’s true I’m not a fan of rain, I can still appreciate something about the rain. Choosing to rise above my limited focus on only the rainy parts of my life allows me to feel the warmth of the sunshine that is always available.

2 thoughts on “The Sun Always Shines Above the Clouds

  1. Yvette, I think this is a great series! And I liked today’s post a lot. It reminds me that I give praise for all the contrast this beautiful world and our various relationships bestow on us… it lets us know what we like a lot … and not so much. Life would be so boring (and maybe less painful at times, true) if all was always sunshine (at least that’s how I feel living in CA where it’s sunny ALL summer! I love it when the rainy season returns!) But beyond being less boring, being able to notice and appreciate contrast is the gift I appreciate. It shows us we have the ability to feel and see and compare and, hopefully most times, choose what to be grateful and give praise for.
    Hope it’s a great praise party! Have an awesome weekend :)

  2. As I look back over my life, I find myself thankful for the hard times. I praise God for His promise that “All things work together for the good of those who are called according to his purpose.” No matter how difficult the “hard” times were, I see all the good that came out of them and I am thankful.

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