Criticism is Out, Praise is In

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Starting today I’m hosting a Praise Party.

The inspiration? This line,
“Our birthright is a perfect world—Paradise. To claim it, you must begin describing the perfection of the world in which you live, now.”

This quote comes from the book, Unveiling Your Hidden Power by Ruth L. Miller, Ph.D. and whether or not you believe in the philosophies of metaphysics, I think we can all agree that your world/our world could benefit from a little less criticism and a lot more praise.
So let’s get this party started.

When inspiration strikes, I’ll post a praise of something in my world and ask you to do the same. It’s that simple. Whatever you see, hear, think, read or feel that is praiseworthy, SHOUT IT OUT!

My praise for today:
I give praise for the beauty of the earth that is all around me. I took this shot just yesterday of a simple crop of wild flowers waving in the breeze as I walked by.


You’re turn.
What is praiseworthy in your life?

Join the party everyday by
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Thanks and see you tomorrow.

24 thoughts on “Criticism is Out, Praise is In

  1. I give praise for the health of my family and their essential well-being. Times can be tough, but we are not ill or dealing with chronic pain, sickness, or mental issues. I give praise for that!

  2. On my way home from dropping my son off at nursery school, I noticed how vibrant Spring’s colours are from the nourishing rain. The green grass and trees, and the rainbow of flowers.

  3. I praise that we have clean water falling from the sky, coming out of the ground to drink, and water gathered in places to play in!
    Let’s go jump in a puddle or catch a few rain drops on our tongue.

    1. Erica, your comment took me back to the days when my son was little and taught me to see rain and puddles through the eyes of a child. Pure magic!

  4. I praise the Lord for my salvation that is available through the blood of Jesus Christ, for my wonderful husband, Charlie of 38 years, for our son, his wife, and 2 precious grandchildren, for a wonderful, rewarding job, and for good health and happiness. Life is precious.

    1. June, thanks for sharing about your faith, family and the other things that add to a truly praiseworthy life. I agree life is precious and full of opportunities for giving praise for the things that make it so!

    1. Oh Marquita, sunshine is one of my favorite things to praise! Glad you’re feeling it’s glow and the glow of peace today.

  5. I praise the ability to wake up in good health and go to work. We can never take our health for granted. Though I struggle with healthy eating choices, I praise my blessings in this area.

    1. Laurene, I applaud you for praising your healthy eating choices, in the midst of the struggle. I find that when I focus on the praiseworthy parts of a situation that I find challenging, rather than continuing to beat the drum of the difficult parts, the struggle lessens. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. To My Dear Brother, Joe. Everyone should have a brother as grateful as you! 😉 And now that you’ve weighed in, I’ll have to add a second praise to my list for today…one of my family members actually read my blog. That may be more on the level of the miraculous, rather than praiseworthy. Thanks!

  6. I praise you, Yvette, for starting this 30 day Praise Party. What an awesome idea!!
    I praise the CT DOT for doing an awesome paving job on Route 79 in Madison! It was wonderful driving on brand new road this morning in the rain!

    1. Hey Dawn, Woo Hoo for good roads. We here in Connecticut, who live with perpetual road construction, should never take for granted the people who work hard to keep our roads in tip top shape, especially after a hard winter and two hurricanes in two years! Good for you for noticing and offering up much deserved praise for CT DOT.

  7. I give praise for the extraordinarily beautiful and sweet songs of the birds that I hear in my back yard every day, especially the goldfinches.

  8. I praise God that he, not only is the creator of the universe, but that he reaches out to form relationships with us.

  9. As I am a day late in starting, I praise the blessing of always having been provided for even in the darkest of times and I praise the gift of the loving people I am surrounded by on a daily basis.

    1. Alexia, the great thing about praise is that it is always on time, in season and in style! Thanks for taking time to leave a comment.

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