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Whenever I’m feeling bored (another word for un-creative) by life, work or a relationship, I take that as my clue that I’m not playing nearly enough.

Play and its twin, Rest, are critical to feeling refreshed and rejuvenated allowing you to more readily access your creativity, which is a necessity to accomplishing anything in life. So for those of you who are serious about working hard and effort-ing to get where you want to go in life, you can consider the act of play to be very serious business.

Reframing the idea of play in this way will hopefully allow you to engage in play regularly without upsetting your workaholic view of yourself. LOL!

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get to your list of Top 10 Ways to Refresh. Below I’ll share mine, which I hope will spur you to create your own and/or highjack my list until you recover you’re creativity enough to create your own.

Here goes:
Yvette’s Top 10 Ways to Refresh

  1. taking a walk with my dog
  2. turning on my favorite song and dance around my office
  3. driving to my favorite store & window shop imagining owning any beautiful thing I see.
  4. walking out of said store without spending a dime, but being full of the joy of my imaginings.
  5. volunteering weekly at a therapeutic horse riding center for the disabled.
  6. walking away from my computer long enough to take in the beauty from my window or better yet…
  7. stepping out onto my front door step and basking in the sunshine for a few glorious minutes.
  8. making and sipping a cup of my favorite green tea.
  9. calling a friend, you know that one that you can always count on to make you laugh.
  10. closing my eyes, breathing and experiencing the silence for one moment.

Most of these can be done without spending a dime (except for the drive to the store & the riding center, which may cost several dimes, depending on current gas prices in your area), but you will be rewarded for your “play” in spades.

Try making your own list and indulging in one refreshing, playful activity each day and share your list and your results below…

13 thoughts on “top 10 ways to refresh

  1. Ah yes…. refresh. Just that word makes me want to go sit in silence for a few minutes as it’s my favorite refresher. In my state of “workaholism” I often forget the lovely lake behind my house. Sometimes I use the arrival of my 9yr home from school as a scheduled break to go skip rocks on the lake. Kids truly do remind us of how refreshing it is to play. :)

    1. Allison,
      So true about kids reminding us how to refresh and play. I just replied to a comment above from Coach Gayle about that very thing. We can learn a lot about how to BE in the world from both children and animals.

      And good for you for savoring that moment when your child arrives home from school. As a parent of a college freshman I can tell you from experience that you will blink your eyes and those moments will be gone. The exact time to enjoy and cherish those refreshing moments is NOW!

  2. Love the photo and tips, Yvette–vicariously refreshing! Your advice resonates well with the latest research in positive psychology that shows that doing playful or other things that evoke pleasure or “positivity” is not selfish or time-wasting. These activities are important contributors to our emotional health, our creativity, and our overall well-being. At the top of my “refreshing” list would be walking in the woods to enjoy the wildflowers and birds. I’m growing that list: On a whim, at the grocery store yesterday I picked up two bottles of that soapy stuff for blowing bubbles. Want to stop by and blow bubbles in the garden with me? Best, Gayle

    1. Hey Gayle,
      You’re on! I loved making bubbles as a child and in addition I’ll bring an individual sized bag of M&Ms for each of us and introduce you to another of my favorite childhood activities–eating M&Ms one color at a time. I even made an intuition game out of it by pouring the bag into a separate cup, closing my eyes, swirling the M&Ms around with my finger, making a prediction at what color I’d choose & then eating all of whatever color I chose and repeat that process until the cup was empty! Isn’t it interesting how children make fun, play and refreshment out of just about anything and everything?

  3. Love your top ten ways to refresh Yvette – I overlap with you on a few:
    1. Meditate for 5-10 minutes.
    2. Go on my weekly walk with 3 friends and one gorgeous dog.
    3. Listen to the newest music on the radio – it keeps me young.
    4. Browse bookstores – so many books, so little time!
    5. Savouring a homemade mocha coffee.
    6. Bend and stretch, & short bursts of exercise.
    7. Work in the garden, feet on grass and face in the sun.
    8. Incidental chatting to random people you meet.
    9. Massage my hubby or kids shoulders and get one in return if I’m lucky.
    10. Call someone out of the blue and catch up.
    Love your blog

    1. Maria,
      Thanks for sharing your list and #8 made me chuckle as it reminded me that this is something I do just naturally on days when my heart is really full. Maybe now I’ll try it in reverse, have those random conversations on purpose to fill my heart!

  4. My favorite way to “refresh” is to laugh — laugh at anything and everything. Have you ever spent time watching children, especially young children, interact with the world? They laugh at the littlest things — sunshine on a blade of grass, the sound a frog makes, how it feels to turn in circles until you are dizzy. When I laugh, I feel that I open the channel to appreciating, and marveling at, life the way I did as a child.
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  5. I love to laugh — when things are funny, when they are stressful, and even when they seem to be going wrong. If you watch children, they laugh at the least little thing — how the light lights up the dust floating in the air, or the sound a toy makes — and when I laugh, I feel like I bring some of that wonder and joy back into my life.
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  6. Yvette, loved your kind reminder to all of us how important play and rest is. Simple and so vital. I share your #1 refresher by walking with my dogs. This is my all-time favorite and one that I use regularly. I also like to go into art studios or garden nurseries to browse, soaking up the beauty…. but I don’t always walk out empty-handed :)
    I came across a recent post in Huff Post Parents everyone might enjoy… a child’s TO DO list. VERY different priorities than us grown-ups!

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