Listen, I get it. Relationships can be tough. It’s hard to be happy when you’re experiencing stress in any of these areas: 


  • your mother is driving you nuts.
  • your finances are out of control.
  • your co-worker is undermining you.
  • you regularly soothe yourself with food or wine.
  • your teenager isn’t listening.
  • you hate your body.
  • your career is unfulfilling.
  • you never have enough time. 

Every perceived problem in our lives can be viewed through the lens of our relationship with and to that person or thing. No matter the relationship causing you distress, it can be changed. 

My IR90 program (Improve Your Relationships in 90 Days) will help you:

Ease the stress you feel in this relationship once and for all. When you know the real reason you haven’t been able to find a solution with this person or this thing, the tension eases and healing begins. 

Stop allowing the latest conversation with this person or setback in your relationship with your finances, diet, career, or overfilled schedule to disconnect you. Learning to stay connected to yourself and manage your own emotions in the midst of conflict is key. 

Start feeling better regardless of your current situation. No more waiting for people or things to change in order to be happy. It is possible to feel good BEFORE any changes with this relationship. This is actually the secret to finding satisfaction in all areas of your life. 

Once you learn these relationship skills, you’ll have them for life. Use them now to improve your current relationships and in the future as new situations and people inevitably show up and challenge you. 

Yvette's Coach Credentials 2006-Present