Yvette McIntire, Master Life Coach

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re in some sort of distress on a scale from mild to severe and you want answers. I get it. I was you. No matter what I tried I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way in order to craft a life that was meaningful for me, that held purpose that had me enjoying more of all the people and things I loved. The skies didn’t clear until I got my own coach and learned that my thoughts and beliefs were the roadblocks stopping me from experiencing a life more aligned with my true desires.

This is where I come in. Coaching with me we’ll eliminate the confusion, fear and uncertainty about a way forward. You’ll emerge from our work together with a clear sense of what you want for your life and/or your business and a plan to get it. Also, I’ll be beside you every step of the way to help you when the inevitable happens and your brain freaks out just as you near your goal. I’ll see beyond the excuses you’ve made for years, help you to break through them and most of all I won’t let you quit on yourself.

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