What are you thankful for? How many times have you heard that question and heard people tell of the wonders of keeping a gratitude journal? I agree this is a wonderful and transformative practice, but I’d like to see you (and me) take it up a notch.

It can be easy to rattle off 10 things you’re grateful for and after all, “Tis the Season.” With next week ushering in the big day, I thought I’d encourage you to take it a step further (maybe deeper is a better descriptive).

During this season of Thanksgiving, instead of making a simple list or stating a few platitudes, “I’m so grateful for blah, blah, blah,” why not express that gratitude from the deeper core of you?

How, you ask? Well it all starts with getting in touch with the feeling.

Start right now. Close your eyes (unless you’re driving, of course, or otherwise operating heavy machinery) and call up a memory of an event, person or place that floods you with the feeling of gratitude. Maybe you’ll be transported back to a sunset from your beach vacation, to the birth of a healthy child, to the day you got a test result that came back negative, or to the soft touch of your loved ones hand on your face. Revel in the deliciousness of how overpowering it is to feel truly grateful for these moments in your life.

Let it fill your heart, mind, body and soul, as you drink in every last detail of this emotion.

Now opening your eyes, carry that feeling with you throughout the day, and through the rest of this week, and into the next. And out of that feeling, take action.

What action? The simple act of expression.

Before you say thanks off handedly to the waitperson that tops off your coffee, or the cashier who rings you out at the grocery store, transport yourself back to that memory from the exercise above and bring up that deep feeling of gratefulness. Then from that place, express your thanks. The power of your words and the feeling shared with the other person from this energy place will be much greater. And each time you call up that energy of gratitude, you’ll take the simple act of saying thank you to a whole new level, not only for someone else, but also for yourself.

And from that place I’d like to close with a sincere thank you to you for reading, commenting and sharing these posts with others. May your hearts be filled with gratitude and love during this season of Thanksgiving.


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