It hit me this morning; we are all “Julie.” (If you have no idea who this Julie is or what I’m talking about, go back and read my last post, Stop Pushing Away Your Good. This is a sequel of sorts to that post.

What on earth do I mean, we are all Julie, and we all push away our good? Before I elaborate on that, let me ask you this question.

If we believe that God is continuously sending us only good, why is it that we experience so much “bad”? I think the answer to that is the same as the answer to the question, “How are we like Julie?”

We experience “bad” in our lives because we, like Julie, put up roadblocks to receiving God’s good. gifts And those roadblocks come in the form of beliefs—beliefs in lack, (as in Julie’s case, lack of time) trouble, challenge and bad.

As long as I continue to see/believe in any situation, person, place or thing as a “problem” or “bad” it will continue to be just that—a bad problem! As Wayne Dyer says, “change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”

This is really what this whole Praise Party project is about…to get you (me, too) to change the way you look at the circumstances in your life. If you start focusing on the praiseworthy or the good in each situation, person, etc., you begin building up your evidence that good does exist in everything. And the more evidence we have for something the more we BELIEVE it. And that’s a belief that will open the floodgates for good to flow your way, rather than set up roadblocks to keep it at bay!

One of my favorite movie lines speaks to this very issue of believing in your problems. In the movie “What about Bob?” Richard Dreyfuss’s character, who is a psychiatrist, gives Bob, played by Bill Murray, the prescription to “take a vacation from your problems.”


And so that’s what I say to you with one slight caveat, “Dear Reader, it’s the weekend, take a vacation from your BELIEF in your problems.” Another words start exercising your belief that God only intends good for you and look for evidence of that.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

My praise today is for my sister who has always been my best cheerleader. It was her encouragement today that made me keep at this Praise Party project instead of giving up! Thanks for BELIEVING in me, Trice.