Scan 19Today I give praise for all the people who have lifted me up over the course of my life and there have been MANY! Too many to name for sure, but I do want to single out one–Mrs. Cozette Campbell.

She will most likely not see this post as she is in her 90’s now and as far as I know does not frequent the internet, but I still want to share her name and give praise for her today. (And please rest assured that over the years I have shared my praise with her directly through our written correspondence.)

Mrs. Campbell was my third grade teacher and much to my surprise and delight, she has written to me every year on my birthday and at Christmas for the past 43 years!!! I cannot give due praise for what this simple act of hers has meant to me.

A teacher keeping up with a student for so long is remarkable on it’s own, but additionally, way back in 1970 when this all began, we were from different worlds.

You see, Mrs. Campbell was the first black person I ever knew because my public school did not integrate until my 3rd grade year. I grew up in rural Mississippi and most times now when I mention that fact, the first thing many people comment about is the racial divide and hatred that has been Mississippi’s reputation. But Mrs. Campbell didn’t care what color I was and for that I am grateful.

There have been numerous days in my life when I felt that no one cared and that I wasn’t worth caring about. I know you’ve had those days too, everyone does from time to time. But Mrs. Campbell’s cards have served as a yearly reminder that someone did care.

About 20 years into our yearly correspondence I asked, “Why me?” Her response, “Each year I choose one or two students from my class that I feel a special connection with and I make a point to keep in contact with them.”

Simple act with profound results. Thank you and I give praise for you and your heart full of love, Mrs. Campbell. Your kindness altered my life in positive ways.

Now dear reader, it’s your turn.
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