For today’s post I had another idea entirely, but a phone call from my friend, Julie
(name & identifying details changed to protect the innocent) sent this post in another direction.

Julie called to tell me she needed a good cry and wondered if we could get together to elicit just such a cleansing release of her pent up emotions.

She went on to explain that she had spent the last week dealing with a deeply troubled family member and was emotionally spent from trying to make all the right decisions in the face of extreme challenges. And as you may well image, this new stress didn’t come at a time when she was sitting around doing nothing. It came barreling in when her schedule was already packed with the details of caring for her own household as well as keeping up with her duties at work.

We penciled in time on our calendars for the good cry on Friday. No time like the future to let loose your emotions, right? Keep ’em all stuffed inside for a rainy day!

With that business out of the way, Julie had one other point to address,
“Listen, just one more thing,” she said
“about this Praise Party blog you’re writing everyday.
Do you think you could do it only once a week?
My life is so hectic I can’t keep up with it everyday.”

Whaaaaaaat? You don’t have time enough each day to notice all the praiseworthy good flowing your way?

Now while I can fully understand where my friend was coming from, her comment got me thinking. How often do we push away the good that is trying to come into our life?

“Listen, God/Universe/Grand Pooh-Bah of the World, don’t bother me today with something that will help. Don’t you know I’m too booked taking care of business to add anything good from you to my daily schedule?”

Think about it, how often do you push away a moment to laugh with a friend, hug your child or spend one minute contemplating the good all around you and all because “I’m just too darn busy, thank you very much!”?

So today, I take this moment to give praise for Julie, my dear friend who inspired this post and reminded me to STOP, take a breath and bring to mind for one minute out of the 900 or so I will be awake this day, just one thing that is praiseworthy in my life.

Besides, if I don’t enjoy having this blessing daily, I can always switch to praising only once a week, right? 😉