Starting today I’m hosting a Praise Party.

The inspiration? This line,
“Our birthright is a perfect world—Paradise. To claim it, you must begin describing the perfection of the world in which you live, now.”

This quote comes from the book, Unveiling Your Hidden Power by Ruth L. Miller, Ph.D. and whether or not you believe in the philosophies of metaphysics, I think we can all agree that your world/our world could benefit from a little less criticism and a lot more praise.
So let’s get this party started.

When inspiration strikes, I’ll post a praise of something in my world and ask you to do the same. It’s that simple. Whatever you see, hear, think, read or feel that is praiseworthy, SHOUT IT OUT!

My praise for today:
I give praise for the beauty of the earth that is all around me. I took this shot just yesterday of a simple crop of wild flowers waving in the breeze as I walked by.


You’re turn.
What is praiseworthy in your life?

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Thanks and see you tomorrow.