Whenever I’m feeling bored (another word for un-creative) by life, work or a relationship, I take that as my clue that I’m not playing nearly enough.

Play and its twin, Rest, are critical to feeling refreshed and rejuvenated allowing you to more readily access your creativity, which is a necessity to accomplishing anything in life. So for those of you who are serious about working hard and effort-ing to get where you want to go in life, you can consider the act of play to be very serious business.

Reframing the idea of play in this way will hopefully allow you to engage in play regularly without upsetting your workaholic view of yourself. LOL!

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get to your list of Top 10 Ways to Refresh. Below I’ll share mine, which I hope will spur you to create your own and/or highjack my list until you recover you’re creativity enough to create your own.

Here goes:
Yvette’s Top 10 Ways to Refresh

  1. taking a walk with my dog
  2. turning on my favorite song and dance around my office
  3. driving to my favorite store & window shop imagining owning any beautiful thing I see.
  4. walking out of said store without spending a dime, but being full of the joy of my imaginings.
  5. volunteering weekly at a therapeutic horse riding center for the disabled.
  6. walking away from my computer long enough to take in the beauty from my window or better yet…
  7. stepping out onto my front door step and basking in the sunshine for a few glorious minutes.
  8. making and sipping a cup of my favorite green tea.
  9. calling a friend, you know that one that you can always count on to make you laugh.
  10. closing my eyes, breathing and experiencing the silence for one moment.

Most of these can be done without spending a dime (except for the drive to the store & the riding center, which may cost several dimes, depending on current gas prices in your area), but you will be rewarded for your “play” in spades.

Try making your own list and indulging in one refreshing, playful activity each day and share your list and your results below…