I know many of you are way too young to remember where that slogan came from, but that is neither here nor there. I bring it up because recently, a friend from childhood said it to me (minus the “Baby” part) in reference to how much I have changed, from the girl I used to be growing up in the rural South.

Don’t misunderstand; there’s nothing wrong with growing up in the rural South. In fact, I have many fine memories of childhood there. But it has been the mission of my adult life to expand, to learn, and to grow beyond the boundaries of my youth.

Every childhood, no matter how privileged or impoverished, has its confines. All of us are taught a set of beliefs or behaviors that we live by and all too often never question. One of my favorite quotes is by Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” And this, I truly believe.

How can you know who you really are, or set about creating a life you love, if you never examine the box that your early experiences (substitute your corporate culture, your social standing, your friends and neighbors, your spouse) built for you?

So in reflecting on this comment made by my friend from the past, I was delighted. There are many ways to take such a statement, but I took it as a very high compliment, an achievement to be proud of, and a true measure of success.

So I’m curious to know, how about you?

How have you changed from the person you were in childhood, 10 years ago, last month? Are you more loving, less jealous of the accomplishments of your friends, in better health, gentler toward yourself and others, more well read, less stingy, more grounded, less judgmental, better able to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?

Or are you stuck in the same old habits of thought that keep you playing small?

Open up your life to all that is possible for you. Step out of your box and bring forth the gifts only you can share.

The world is waiting.


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